TRADINGUtilizing a nationwide network to respond to wide-ranging needs

As demonstrated by the fact that Takagi started trading with overseas clients as early as from 1910, our enterprising spirit and vitality as a hardware wholesaler have been passed on to our trading division.

We have continued to deliver new “tools” from Niigata and Sanjo to all over Japan and the rest of the world.

Today, we deal in more than 10,000 items broadly divided according to products for professional use and products for general users.

Ranging from traditional carpenter’s tools, the special tools used by Japanese shrine carpenters, and special items made by blacksmiths renowned as artisans, to DIY tools, kitchen tools and gardening supplies delivered to home improvement stores and the like, and also including entirely recycled artificial timber, we have a wide lineup of “blades and tools connected to architecture” and have constructed a structure to swiftly respond to all customer needs.

TRADINGTakagi can also handle the ultimate difficulties presented by building professionals

The orders and inquiries we receive from hardware stores, i.e. specialist retailers that handle professional building products, are mainly related to traditional tools and blades. All items entail specific professional preferences and requests, for example, special tools as used by Japanese shrine carpenters, material designations for special steel or wood that is kind on the hands, special items made by craftsmen and so on.

Since it is especially difficult to obtain works made by famous craftsmen or retired artisans, our information network and dynamism are tested.

TRADINGDiscovering outstanding products based on sound judgment and proposing them to home improvement stores

Due to the DIY boom of recent years, carpenter’s tools and power tools have become accessible to general users in addition to professional carpenters and artisans.

The products we supply to home improvement stores range widely from those for professional use to those for general users. Handling tens of thousands of items, we repeatedly stock and ship products inside Japan and overseas almost daily.

TRADINGMain Trading Functions

01Product Procurement

Specialists in product management supporting trust

To promptly deliver products to customers, it is necessary to have ample inventory in warehouses. We strive to also build trust relations with suppliers by conducting communication without fail.

Among tens of thousands of products, we need to forecast how much each item will sell and accurately stock the necessary quantities of the necessary products at the necessary times.

Staff member in charge of stocking,
Ms. Takenouchi

I am responsible for placing orders with numerous suppliers. Since my work entails linking customers with suppliers and controlling the flow of products, it requires accuracy and speed.

I deal with numerous detailed checks and notifications, but I am always filled with joy when counterpart staff of business partners say, “Thank you, always”. Resuming work following maternity leave, it hasn’t been easy balancing my job with child rearing, however, thanks to the company’s employment scheme and the understanding of my colleagues, I am able to approach my work with enthusiasm.

02Physical Distribution

We can immediately ship 500 snow clearing shovels. That’s our job.

Based on our philosophy of contributing to a safe and abundant society through tools, we always keep stocks of snow clearing goods, products for responding to other disasters, and other products that are required by customers, even if they are required only once a year or every few years.

The first and second floors of our Niigata warehouse, which covers approximately 23,000 square meters, are filled with products with total value amounting to billions of yen. Such inventory capacity above all is our strength as a trading company. This is the heart of our physical distribution that connects suppliers with stores.

Staff member in charge of physical distribution,
Mr. Kawai

I am in charge of a number of large-scale home improvement stores in the Kanto area. Since I confirm the contents of incoming orders, while at the same time preparing, inspecting and packaging products and readying shipments to end users on the next day, I need to adopt a perspective of overseeing the entire flow.

All part-time workers and employees joining forces and getting the work done in a spirit of harmonious cooperation.

03Sales & Marketing

Helping customers overcome “troubles” through the power of products.

In the hardware store sales route, we receive future orders when making deliveries, however, when conducting sales to home improvement stores, we propose new products when changes are made to sales areas.

Even though sales routes may differ, whenever customers approach us saying, “We want this kind of product; do you know any wholesalers that deals in it?”, we find solutions via our network of Takagi suppliers that we have developed and among our thousands of our own original products.

We members of the sales & marketing department are constantly on the move to ensure that our efforts lead to comments such as “That helped!” and “Thank you” from our customers.

Sales & marketing staff member (hardware store route),
Mr. Kondo

We propose and sell tools and machines to artisans in various fields in Niigata Prefecture. In the morning, I respond to incoming orders and inquiries inside the company, while in the afternoon, I conduct sales and make deliveries. Listening to the requests, troubles and questions that people convey when I am on the road, I take such matters back to the company and seek solutions.

I strive to respond to the trust placed in us by customers who say, “If you have trouble, ask Takagi”.

Sales & marketing staff member (home improvement store route),
Mr. Kato

I conduct business negotiations with buyers for new products and propose changes to sales areas in line with trends.

When new stores are opened, I go out to them and help build the sales areas. I respond with sincerity to buyers’ requests. Please, leave it to me.