MANUFACTURE Manufacturing

MANUFACTUREConsolidating Takagi’s Unique Technologies

Takagi’s starting point – Saw forging

Currently, in our dedicated saw manufacturing plant, we manufacture more than 40 types of blades and conduct sales both domestically and overseas.

Sure safety, functionality and design underpinned by tradition and innovation. We will continue to infuse the Takagi philosophy into our saws and convey it the world while keeping these elements closely linked.

In spring 2004, we developed a recycled product endowed with sufficient durability to withstand Japan’s humid and snowy climate while considering the natural environment. “Neocut Wood”, which is made from wood meal and recycled plastic bottle materials and displays outstanding eco friendliness, enjoys immense support among carpenters and DIY users.

MANUFACTUREPush and pull. Overcoming differences in cutting culture

Whereas Western saws cut by pushing, sometimes forcefully, Japanese saws are made from pliant materials and cut by pulling. Due to differences in materials, the method of attaching blades, and methods of use, it was previously thought difficult to export Japanese saws and blades. We first needed to have people’s understanding of the features and merits, but…

In 1990, Takagi took part in a log cutting contest at a DIY show in Chicago, using its own brand of saw. Despite being greatly inferior to the American competitors in terms of physique, the Takagi representative won an outstanding victory in terms of both speed and cutting beauty, and in the process boosted recognition of the company.


Mr. Takahashi

Having overcome the differences in cutting culture between the West and Japan, our saws that incorporate local demands while retaining the quality of Japanese “pull saws” have come to be highly regarded in overseas markets too.

Our refined production lines and the skilled human perspective that is devoted to quality inspections combine to enhance the quality of the brand, enabling it to grow to the point where it is loved by people all over the world.

MANUFACTUREAutomation is advanced in all processes and a structure that allows efficient and stable production is established

All processes at Takagi are fully automated. We vigorously seek to evolve our technology and introduce new models, for example, original automatic machines that can change serration fineness with a single blade, automatic machines endowed with cutting-edge performance for applying ultra-thin coating and so on. We want to wow carpenters in overseas countries more and more.


Mr. Yamauchi

Four members including myself are in charge of all saw blade manufacturing processes. Based on production plans, we rearrange machines and manufacture more than 40 types of product, ranging from hobby specifications to professional specifications and including products intended for domestic use, products intended for overseas use and so on.

We implement periodic inspections to adjust any errors with specified standards and thereby maintain quality. We can fix minor troubles in the machines ourselves.

MANUFACTURETrial and error behind the development of artificial wood

“Artificial wood” is a reproducible new material that doesn’t rot, is endowed with outstanding durability, and has the texture of natural wood.

In 2004, when the concept of artificial wood (composite material of wood meal and resin) was not yet recognized in the world, we introduced an extrusion molding machine in our plant and embarked on several years of trial and error that eventually resulted in the successful commercialization of this product.

Today, we conduct business with various customers including exterior agents, building materials trading companies, house makers, and building firms throughout Japan, and artificial wood is used in general houses, commercial facilities and numerous public facilities, such as kindergartens and elderly care homes.

Despite the presence of numerous rival makers, our greatest joy is felt when customers say, “Takagi’s products are the best”, and this also motivates us to keep moving forward.


Mr. Itoh

I am mainly in charge of design and manufacturing. Since this department only has a few members, I sometimes need to perform a wide variety of tasks including proposal of product or creation of product materials, receiving and placing of orders, and shipping.

My duty is to provide perfectly complete products to customers via sales and marketing. In addition to pre-existing sales channels, our products are now adopted in the exterior industry and are used as wood deck and fence material in houses, public facilities, kindergartens and so on.

I experience the greatest joy in my work when I feel that the manufacturing department and sales and marketing department have combined to be of service to the local community.