Message from the President Message

Delivering smiles
to the world with tools

CEO & President
Tatsuya Takahashi


In the world of marketing, there is a famous saying that goes, “People who come to buy drills are looking for holes, not drills.”

“Tools” enable “work” to be performed, and this gives rise to “satisfaction” for people.
I believe our mission is to connect these things.

However, as long as holes are drilled, does that mean that any “tool” will do?
We toolmakers sincerely wish to pay close attention to tools, and we want people to do the same.

There is another saying: “Tools change awareness”.
When people acquire new tools and excellent tools, their awareness change and they want to use those tools to do something new.

“Outstanding tools” made with utmost attention give rise to “creation of new work”.
This breeds “elation” among people.

I believe that our ideal is to connect these things.
Our tools can impart satisfaction, elation and smiles to people.

Delivering smiles to the world with tools

With more than 150 years of history, we at Takagi will continue to pursue our mission and ideal as tool manufacturers.