PLANNING Planning and Development

PLANNINGProduct Development with Attention to Detail

We have established a development division that displays attentionto detail in various ways in developing products that respond to uses and user needs.

Power tools, which are derived from professional tools by simplifying specifications, have come to be accepted in general households.

For example, concerning power drivers, we pay most attention to “grip”.

We provide grips that are suited to Japanese users, who tend to have smaller hands than users in the West, grips suited to the delicate hands of women, and grips that are suited to the tough hands of artisans.

Concerning “cutter saws”, we pursue the convenience of multiple roles in a single tool, and ease of use in the respective roles.

The idea of combining cutter blades with saw blades was novel at the time, and by combining this with product designs created by top designers in Japan, we have developed products that are highly original in terms of both function and design.

These products have become long sellers that are well-known to those in the know. In this way, we at Takagi continue to support the basic “activities” of building through carefully conceived “things = tools”.

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PLANNINGFlexible approach to planning and development

To respond to a wide range of needs, we are now concentrating general-use power tools into two areas. Catering to women and elderly users, “mini drills” and similar products are made with the focus on integrating functions, realizing safety, reducing sizes and promoting design, while the “S-Link” series with more advanced specifications closer to professional standards comprise tools that can be used with common batteries.

Thanks to our technical prowess and marketing capability that we have nurtured over the years, we are able to take a flexible approach, and inn addition to Takagi’s own brands, we also undertake the planning and production of private brands for our clients.

PLANNINGMain Functions and Planning and Development


From product development to support for product introduction, we make proposals unfettered by convention!

Daily evolving technologies and tools based on asking, “Are there any new products that could sell?” and “How about popular products?”

Members of the development department visit various makers and suppliers in Japan and overseas to conduct product planning, preliminary meetings, product inspections and so on. Moreover, we develop our own original products based on information and various ideas received from business partners and sales representatives.

In addition to development work, we accompany sales representatives and take part in business negotiations with business partners to support sales of the company’s own original products, and we undertake various work areas in order to “sell good products”.

Staff member in charge of horticultural tools development,
Mr. Suzuki

I am in charge of developing gardening tools such as sickles, hoes and clippers for use in fields.

Based on a desire to develop products that make it possible to offer “activities” through “things”, we plan and propose the “Hata Cycle” (Field Cycle) brand.

We tackle our everyday tasks in the hope that we can develop the kind of products that will contribute to the satisfaction of as many customers as possible.

02Quality Control

Safe use over the long term ensures that cost performance is also good.

Concerning quality control, we spare no effort in envisaging various situations and enhancing safety to ensure that customers can use tools over the long term.

We track the safety of products through pre-shipping inspections and quality inspections, post-sale repairs and so on.

The company keeps stores of all models from the time of launch and also sells parts, enabling us to respond to customers’ inquiries with responsibility and confidence. Please feel free to consult us about the products at any time.

Staff member in charge of quality control,
Mr. Inada

I work on various tasks from repairs to packing and shipping of gardening equipment such as brush cutters and power tools such as drill drivers and so on.

I approach my job in the hope that customers can safely use Takagi’s products over the long term.

Since we handle various fields, we need to have a broad range of repair knowledge and technology. I continue to study each day in an effort to widen my own scope of work.


We design those products!

We conduct the total coordination of both our original products and products belonging to the private brands of our clients, starting from product design to package design, POP sales promotions, creation of fliers and so on.

Every day we conduct planning and design with fresh creativity while staying attuned to the latest designs that reflect the age. We will continue to shape everybody’s “I want!” while striving to make better products!

Staff member in charge of product design,
Ms. Hirahara

I work on design of all products ranging from carpenter’s tools to gardening supplies.

It is difficult to envisage products designs that everyone want from scratch, however, I gain an immense sense of achievement from developing products while incorporating the opinions of development personnel and various other members.

I will continue to conceive designs to ensure that customers keep using our products for always!

After Care

Takagi provides its own post-sale service to customers who have purchased our products. Concerning Takagi’s power tools, based on our skilled technique and extensive knowledge, we conduct post-sale care that range from the sale of repair parts to implementation of repairs.

Moreover, we respond with speed and due attention to inquiries from customers asking, “What should I do?” or exclaiming, “I have some trouble!”.