PROJECT STORY Development Stories

New Work Creation × Passion

Takagi continues to support “activities”through carefully conceived“things = tools”.

01 Cutter saw – Multiple roles in a single tool useful for “cutting” in daily life

From product launch in 1980 to the present day.
Long selling products that are well-known to those in the know.

Through customers on the school teaching supplies route, we received requests for, “a children’s craftwork saw that is easy to use and for which blades can be safely stored”. In response, we embarked on development.

Obtaining a hint from cutters, in which blades are stored by sliding, we housed the saw blade inside the saw mechanism. Similarly, based on the novel idea at the time of fitting into the opposite face of cutters, which are often used for craftwork, we realized two roles in a single tool.

One of the top designers in Japan was responsible for the product design.

This product, which exhibited high originality in terms of both function and design, received awards at design competitions in Japan and overseas.

After that, major renewal was implemented in 2013.

Considering the load application point and fulcrum point during use, a reversible mechanism was adopted.

Also, thorough analysis was implemented on differences in the way that force is applied to the handle when using a saw and when using a cutter.

We developed a unique asymmetrical handle capable of responding to both uses.

Design philosophy pursuing the convenience of multiple roles in a single tool, and ease of use in the respective roles.
Based on this design philosophy, we are deploying various product series including gardening cutter saws equipped with a saw blade for cutting trees and blade for cutting grass, recycle cutter saws that combine woodworking blade with metalworking blade and others.

02Power Driver Series

“EARTH MAN” – Takagi’s original product and representative power tool brand

The first EARTH MAN product was the power driver.

Power drivers used to be extremely expensive tools reserved for heavy use by professionals, however, out of a desire to see this tool used in various other scenes, we developed a power driver that was available to ordinary users too.

Roughly 30 years have passed since the launch of the first EARTH MAN power driver.

While retaining this early aspiration, we now handle numerous power drivers that have been carefully devised to extend use to many people, for example, easy-to-use drivers powered by dry cell batteries, rechargeable drivers equipped with a cornering mechanism convenient for assembling furniture and installing shelves, and drivers with cute packaging and body designs aimed at breeding familiarity with women who may be a little afraid to use power tools.

In all power drivers, we pay most attention to “grip”.

International standards exist concerning screw and bit sizes, however, hand size varies from person to person.We provide grips that are suited to Japanese users, who tend to have smaller hands than Western people, grips suited to the delicate hands of women, and grips that are suited to the tough hands of artisans. We thoroughly pursue ease of gripping according to purpose of use and needs of users.

03Collaboration utilizing local “Tsubame-Sanjo”

We make sales proposals and conduct other effortswith a view to market vitalizationz

In addition to vendor functions, we conduct development as a maker of products that are easy to acquire for users. Together with a supplier in Tsubame-Sanjo, we implement joint development of products, make sales proposals to retailers, and conduct other efforts with a view to vitalizing markets.

Rather than simply making products overseas with emphasis purely on price, we strive to conduct balanced product development, from easily purchasable goods to more authentic products, while also considering the ongoing development of domestic suppliers, especially industries in the local community.

By selling products endowed with outstanding quality and other uniquely characteristic products under private brands, we promote development that enhances quality and benefits suppliers in terms of expanding sales channels.

Over much of its 150 years of history, Takagi has developed as a vendor hand in hand with suppliers.

In addition to our own company development, as a representative corporation of the area, we are responsible for growth of the local community while also considering the standing and background of our suppliers.

These activities have been recognized with our selection as a company that will drive the future of the local community.