Privacy Policy

1. We will not disclose customers and personal information gathered from customers to third parties, except in the following cases:
– when we disclose to third parties after having obtained consent from the customer,
– when we receive an inquiry based on legislation from a public agency,
– when we outsource maintenance work on our server, etc., or
– when we provide the minimum necessary information to a maintenance company that has promised to protect personal information.
Moreover, we will not use information for any purpose other than investigating causes of unauthorized access, etc.


2. We will strictly manage and protect customers and their personal information.
Moreover, to protect against loss, destruction, unauthorized outflow, alteration or unauthorized access, we will implement rational safety measures and respond immediately in case any problems arise.


3. Although Takagi uses Cookies on parts of the site to enhance service for customers, these cannot gather information (names, card details, etc.) that can identify individuals. Also, we obtain a site access log, however, we will only use this as statistical data concerning our website operation or for investigating causes of unauthorized access, etc.